Spelling Lists

Spelling Lists

General spelling list

The following list of spellings was compiled by a number of secondary schools who all identified the following words as common errors among this age group.

The list is not intended for blanket teaching, because most pupils will know how to spell most of the words, but it is recommended that early in Year 7, pupils should be helped to learn those spellings about which they still are uncertain.

accommodation conclusion explanation
actually conscience February
alcohol conscious fierce
although consequence forty
analyse/analysis continuous fulfil
argument creation furthermore
assessment daughter guard
atmosphere decide/decision happened
audible definite health
audience design height
autumn development imaginary
beautiful diamond improvise
beginning diary industrial
believe disappear interesting
beneath disappoint interrupt
buried embarrass issue
business energy jealous
caught engagement knowledge
chocolate enquire listening
climb environment lonely
column evaluation lovely
concentration evidence marriage
material potential sincerely
meanwhile preparation skilful
miscellaneous prioritise soldier
mischief process stomach
modern proportion straight
moreover proposition strategy
murmur questionnaire strength
necessary queue success
nervous reaction surely
original receive surprise
outrageous reference survey
parallel relief technique
participation remember technology
pattern research texture
peaceful resources tomorrow
people safety unfortunately
performance Saturday Wednesday
permanent secondary weight
persuade/persuasion separate weird
physical sequence women
possession shoulder

Common homophones and confusions

advise/advice choose/chose quiet/quite
a lot of cloth/clothe sites/sights
affect/effect conscience/conscious source/sauce
allowed/aloud course/coarse thank you
bought/brought our/are threw/through
braking/breaking practise/practice to/too/two

binary hardware network
byte icon output
cable input password
cartridge interactive preview
CD-ROM interface processor
computer Internet program
connect/connection justify scanner
cursor keyboard sensor
data/database megabyte server
delete memory software
disk modem spreadsheet
document module virus
electronic monitor
graphic multimedia

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