Monday, 26 March 2018


When you are writing your design decisions use these questions as a guide. 

  • What image/background will you have. How is it relevant to your audience/scenario?
  • What will the character have to do in the level?
  • Would the overall style work with your theme/scenario? How?
  • Why did you choose the font? Give examples of fonts used?
  • How many enemies will there be in the level? Why?
  • What collectables will you have in the level? Why?
  • How many collectables will you have in the level? Why?
  • Describe music and give examples. How will the music make you feel when you are playing the game?
  • Why have you positioned the platforms in that particular way?
  • Where is the entry / exit to level. What made you decide on their position?
  • Where is the character at the beginning of the level - why?

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