Monday, 21 November 2016

Cover for M Knight 21/11/2016

The school has a CEOP inspection today looking at eSafety provision for all students

Based on your experiences write a Scheme of Work or draw an informationgraphic for each year group

Things to consider

  • Esafety in school
  • eSafety at home
  • Apps
  • Mobile Phones
  • PEGI
  • File Sharing
  • Gaming
  • WiFi Sensoring
  • Parent Training

Each term each Year group need an hours lesson with a starter main learning activity and a Plenary

What should be taught to who in what order?

What is new that needs covering?

What is out of date and no longer needs covering?

Can you link to real life case studies?

What do you wish had been covered in your eSafety lessons?

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