Friday, 20 May 2016

ICT Skills - MS Word

Learning Objective: 

Develop Word Processing skills using Microsoft Word


In partners, or on your own, look at the text on the sheet.(pictured below)

How could you make this clearer for the reader you use?
Think about SPAG, fonts, sizes.    

1. Circle the areas you would change in the text above.    
2. Make a note in the margin what would you do to change the areas you have circled.


Task 1

Go to and find 
your class name.

Task 2
Start a New Word file.

Open up the assignment HERE and work through the sheet to create a document about you.(There are paper copies of the worksheet if needed.)

You must ask a friend first if you are unsure of how to do something, then ask another class mate, then check your teacher's blog before you ask a teacher.


Share your About Me document with a friend and ask 2 questions:
 - What do you like about it?
 - Is there anything I could change to improve it? 

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