Friday, 15 January 2016

ELCs Revision

You have two exams on Monday for your ELCs on software I have a pratice paper upstair in block 6 send one pupil to the old inclusion to collect

Please do Friday's Thunk question from above

Then pratice paper

Make revision posters to go on the wall in 565 on these topics which are also the topics for the exam

Help click here
  1. Describe an operating system
  2. What is the purpose of file transfer
  3. What happens when you format something
  4. What does Desktop Publishing software do
  5. What does a spreadsheet do
  6. What does disk clean up do
  7. Ten jobs image editing software can do (Photoshop)
  8. What does a word processor do
  9. Main job of anti-virus software
  10. List five different application software
  11. list five different utility software types

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