Monday, 7 December 2015


Click here to download the Storyboard Templates

Moodboard and Storyboards is a maximum of 11 marks

A student must have recorded progress from the initial moodboard,through design 
prototyping and testing, to the final game and include evidence of:

  • the entire design process with evidence of extensive testing and detailed response to user feedback
  • full justification of design decision
  • development of a wide range of effective assets.

How can you make sure that your storyboards will meet this descriptor?


You need to first draw the storyboards for each screen on paper

1. Main Screen
2. Instructions
3. Story (from Overiview)
4. Level 1
5. Level 2
6. Level 3
7. Level 4
8. Level 5
9. Win Screen
10. Lose Screen

Click here for your Storyboard sheets

The drawings need to be detailed but you only have to draw the backgrounds, not the 

  • By the End of the lesson:

    Create 5 drawings - Need to work a little faster
    Create 6-7 drawings - Get Miss to check and you will get a GREEN
    Create 8-10 drawings - Get Miss to check and you will get a GOLD (prize)\\

    Plenary: Give feedback to your buddy on back of paper

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