Saturday, 31 October 2015

Unit 1: Algorithms

Demonstrate sequencing skills using flowcharts

Hexahexaflexagons are strange folded objects that have hidden sides. At any time only 2 sides are visible, but a hexahexaflexagon actually has six sides. Some sides can appear in more than one state with a different centre. Let’s start by making one:

Click here for a set of instructions (an algorithm) on how to make aHexahexaflexagon

Build your Hexahexaflexagon using the template

Task: Create your own simple Algorithm
a) Find and launch Microsoft Visio from your Start Menu
b) Create a flowchart for a simple everyday task, like making toast for example
c) Print your flowchart when you have finished and store in your folder
d) Annotate your flowchart explaining how it works

Create a flowchart of your own that could help someone solve an every day task

Try the Algorithms Quiz here

Create a flowchart for making a cup of tea in your HomeStudy Booklet. Due: Next ICT Lesson

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