Thursday, 8 October 2015

Setting up blogs

L/O To develop your understanding of a blog

Outcome You will create your own blog

Starter - 5 minutes

1. Go to

2. Have a look at a few of the ICT teacher blogs that are linked on the menu

3. These were all made using Blogger, but all have their own unique style and structure

Main - 45 minutes

Mission: In this lesson you will be creating your own ICT blog

Red Task:
a) Go to
b) Log in using your Wildern details (email is:
c) Set up a blog for your ICT lessons

Orange Task:

Customise your blog to a style that you like using these options:

Green Task:

Create a new blog post explaining why you have made the design choices you have

Extension Task:

Use the guide linked here to find out and try a new skill

Plenary - 10 minutes

  1. Showcase your blog
  2. Add the following blogs to your Reading List (click on reading list link below)

To add these blogs to your reading list simply copy the URL and click follow

The ICT Department

Wildern eSafety

Your ICT teacher

Wildern Radio

Your House

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