Wednesday, 15 April 2015

H&V Things to do

An examplar website that I made to help some of my classes can be found here 

Some general things you need to make sure that you do:
  1. Make sure all the task on the project have been completed: -
  2. Make sure that all products suit the game and target audience specified in your proposal
  3. Make sure that all of your products (3d character nets, phone wallpaper, trading cards, trading card box, digital poster) have consistent style across all of them (same font, colours, logo etc).  They should look like they belong together as part of a set.
  4. Think carefully about the purpose of each product and where and how they would  be used.
  5. Make sure all work is in the correct format (any publisher files should be PFG, any illustrator or Photoshop files should be saved as PNG / JPG before linking to your eportfolio)
  6. Make sure that you include images of your work on your website (not just text links to it)

Some more specific things looking at your eportfolio
  1. Add a suitable banner to the top of your website
  2. 3d character nets
    • Use a different font for the instructions
    • Add the character name
    • remove the brushed on circles on the troll redo using suitable tool if need be
  3. Add more detail about how you made things to the design logs - take a look @ SPB

As you add things to your website let me know and i will happily take a look at them for you

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