Monday, 9 March 2015

Moodboard - Changing World


Before you start on any detailed design work you must create a moodboard. This is where you communicate your initial design ideas for your game. You should use it to get feedback from your game testers.

The moodboard should include inspirational materials/images for: 

  • the game genre and style
  • settings/environments
  • the characters
  • any music, sound effects or speech
  • anything else you think is important.

You should annotate your moodboard to explain your ideas.

 Create your moodboard. 

Resource 1 - Moodboard Collection Checklist
Resource 2 - Moodboard Descriptors
Resource 3 - Example Moodboards
Resource 5 - Moodboard Creation Checklist
Resource 6 - Moodboard Annotation Checklist

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