Friday, 20 March 2015

3D Characters H&V


Two character designs will be printed on special cereal packs so they can be cut out and assembled to make 3D freestanding characters.
You must produce designs for two 3D characters, one hero and one villain.

 Produce a design for each character. 
Each design must:

  • only use elements from primary sources
  • be created using only vector tools
  • be a single net that folds to make the character
  • fit on one sheet of A4
  • include fold and cut lines, and areas to be glued
  • include clear instructions on how each character should be assembled.

Use these nets to help you

Use this worksheet to learn about some of the tools and techniques you will need

 Produce photographs showing your finished characters from different angles. To do this, you must print your designs in colour, cut them out and assemble them.

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