Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Heroes and Villains - Lesson 1 - Eportfolio 1

Lesson Objectives

 Lesson Objectives:  To appreciate the importance of organising your in a way that will allow easy access to it

Outcomes: You will have set up the folder structure and eportfolio needed for heroes and villains



1. Open Adobe Dreamweaver and manage sites on your DA203 SPB folder
2. Create a new blank HTML template

3. Make the container 100% wide 
4. Change the colour scheme
5. Insert an editable region
6. Save it as a template

7. Make 3 pages from your template, save them as:

  • home
  • products
  • evidence
8.  Link up all pages on the template

Extension Task

Create a banner for your website using Adobe Fireworks or Photoshop
Add your banner to your website   


Show the following via snips on your Blog

Go to your website online -->

Test your pages

Do they all work as you expect? 

Do you need to change anything?

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