Thursday, 22 January 2015

#11m5 Heroes and Villains - Lesson 2 - Proposal 1

Lesson Objective1: 

To understand what is involved in the Heroes and Villains project

Lesson Objective2:
 To develop ideas for your Heroes and Villains Project


Read through the sheet explaining what is involved in heroes and villains
Do you understand what you have to do?
Can you explain it to someone else? 


Task 1 - Create an ExamTime Account

Go and Google sign up for an account using your school email address

Task 2 - Mind Map

Use ExamTime to create a mind map of ideas of your heroes and villains project

  • Your Target Audience 
  • What type of game you will be making products for (board game, card game, video game)
  • What is the name of your game
  • Who the hero and villain for your game will be (name, age, description, abilities)

Extension Task - Start your proposal

  • CLICK HERE to download the proposal template
  • Save it in your Sites folder --> DA203SPB --> Evidence --> Proposal 
  • Start filling the Proposal in using the ideas that you have come up with in today's lesson


Be ready to share your ideas with the class

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