Monday, 24 November 2014

Upcycled - Hackasaurus DDD

Year 9 Digging Deeper Day - Upcycling

To become an effective participator through the creation of content on the web rather than just consuming it passively

Task 1: Hackasaurus

a) Launch Google Chrome

b) Make sure your bookmarks are visible

c) Click here to launch Hackosaurus

d) Drag the 'Activate X-Ray Goggles' box to your bookmarks

e) Find a website of your choice and remix it - the video below will help if you are stuck

Task 2: Upcycling Flappy Bird

a) Launch Google Chrome
b) Click here to program your own Flappy Bird game

Task 3: The Artist

a) Click here to see art that other students (of all ages) have made using computer programming

b) Click here to begin creating your own art using The Artist

Task 4: 
BitsBox - Customise a Tablet

Extension Tasks:

If you finish you could try some of these:

Animate your Name
Design a Christmas Card
Create a Pong Game

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