Friday, 28 November 2014

Year 7 Mid-UNit Test

Unit 1: Mid-Unit Assessment

Evaluate computation and abstraction knowledge using evidence document

Click the image to play Google's Blockly Maze

Some help here if you get stuck!

Task 1:Evidence
a) Open your Unit 1 Evidence Document
b) Complete all sections in as much detail as possible

Task 2: Evaluation

a) Complete the Evaluation section of the Unit 1 Evidence Document
b) Print your Unit 1 Evidence Document - make sure your name is there!

Task 3: Self Assess
a) Put your Unit 1 work into the blue A3 Assessment Sheet that you have been given
b) Tick-off the skills that you think you have demonstrated and learned in Unit 1 so far

Task 4: Peer Assess
a) Swap your Assessment Sheet and work with a partner
b) Tick-off the skills that you think they have demonstrated in Unit 1 so far
c) Hand in your work 

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