Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How was the ICT Website Marked?

Page Template (Max4)
Banner Present, full width of page (1)

Suitable Text on Banner(1)

Correct Logo Within Banner, proportions retained (1)

Logo is linked to smartsleisurepark.co.uk (1)
Images (Max 8)
Map of park included on home page (may be edited) (1)

Map edited to draw attention to at least two locations/activities featured on microsite (1)

Image showing only one type of product on sale in shop (from shop.jpg) (1)

Image is well cropped and not distorted (1)

Cropped image links to shop.jpg or suitable edited version showing range of products (1)

Onion café menu included and legible on screen (1)

Onion café menu image compressed to <350KB (1)

Suitable thumbnails created for clubs introduction page (1)
Links (max3)
At least one correctly functional email link is included (but not necessarily to the addresses given in Smarts Info) (1)

Any two of the emails links in comment are included (1)

Links to both Kidz and Teenz Club information on clubs introduction page (accept any functional links including text) (1)
Other Content (Max5)
Audio file embedded on page (1)

Plays only on click (1)

Applet clock inserted on a page (1)

Clock is functional (1)

Files in required formats (menu is included and images are all .jpg and <350KB, audio is present and in .mp3) (1)

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