Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Computer Science Revision Notes

When it comes to Computer Science Revision Notes, it is important to start off by being organised and making a revision timetable as well as a wide range of revision resources: mind-maps, revision cards, post its etc… 
One tip you should remember is that you can cut down on a lot of the Computer Science Revision Notes that you will need to do by consolidating the work you do on the course over the year, after lessons to further the basic knowledge that you have learnt, this will save you time! If you can write your notes on your blog over the course of the year, you will have them all ready and prepared for you to revisit and revise! Make your notes colourful and well laid out, make them fun and not too intimidating when it comes to the Computer Science Revision period.
Due to the huge amount of information you will have covered over the course and now need to revise, it is important to break that information down into smaller, more accessible chunks. You should try to study and revise small sections at one time. Break the course down into individual modules, for example: Programming as one module and Computer Hardware as another. Once you have split the course into modules, you should break them down even further into manageable topics that you can quickly and effectively revise.
Make sure as well that you look back at the topics studied and mark the ones you found especially challenging. For these, you should allot the most time to and go back over those topics thoroughly and use all of the resources available to you to help you to improve, online quizzes, videos and the core textbooks.
Aside from looking at resources collected throughout the course, you should also look at past papers and practice answering each question. Once you complete the past paper you should use the course mark scheme to mark your own work and to see where you have done well and where you need to improve. This is an effective way of learning whilst you practice.

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