Friday, 17 October 2014

Year 7 Cover Flowchart Instructions Lesson 8

Every pupil should be able to identify simple flowchart symbols. Most pupils will then be able to apply these symbols to construct a running flowchart system. Some will take this flowchart and refine its efficiency.

Ask students to access 8.1Tangram file (web version here: Tangram) or display on the board and discuss
as a class.

Working in pairs, or asking a volunteer, students should have a go at completing the tangram puzzles. 

One student should be the ‘computer’ while the other should be the ‘programmer’.

The role of the ‘computer’ is to follow the exact instructions of the ‘programmer’ who should
use only words to explain how to complete the puzzle (no pointing etc.)

Explain the importance of clear, sequential instructions in completing a task, and link to how
a computer understands instructions


 Look at the symbols on the 8.2Flowchart Symbols file. Flowchart Symbols Discuss the final slide with pupils – what could be missing (a decision about milk / sugar etc…)

 Groups: hand out 8.3 Planning Sheet Planning Sheet and ask students to plan a flowchart for a zebra crossing. They will need one planning sheet each for the next activity. Start them off on the board

 Differentiation – lower ability pupils will need much more support and you may need to
show them and discuss and ask pupils to ‘act it out’ – rather than they do it themselves.

 Open Flowol and show (or ask pupil to help with remote mouse etc..) how to use the
tools and mimics and equate to their planning sheet. Ask students to use their completed
planning sheet to create and test their flowchart.

 Differentiation – lower ability pupils to copy and test the example zebra crossing mimic.

 Students take a screenshot of their final flowchart, put into Word

Ask a volunteer to be the ‘computer’ in a similar way to the starter and ask them to follow
the instructions of a ‘programmer’ to collect an object in the room.

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