Tuesday, 10 February 2015

How to layout your Controlled Assesment

Scenario 3 Game Application Treasure Hunt 2017

Header and Footer with Information about you the work and the School

Use Arial Font for all writing 
Fully Justify your text also 

and Consolas Regular Font for all code in size 12

Further explanation of some of these sections can be seen here

TITLE PAGE (Fully  Complete this and also add an appropriate picture)

CONTENTS PAGE (If time add one)

What the Problem Involves (The problem in your own words from the paper)
What do I need to do? (Overview Plan) (A numbered list of the problems in each task)
Users Needs (What does the USer actual need to do for each task? Press/Do/Collect)
IPSO Tables (How you will Input, Then Process and where will you save and locate files and your program?)
Flow Charts (Flow Charts for each task then a Flow Chart showing the whole project? as Text and Flowcharts)

Extra points to add
Predicting Future Needs (What do you think you might add to the solution in the future)
How to Solve this Problem (The tasks in order?  Is there any logical way? What needs to happen before to make the next task work?) 
Detailed Plan (From all the above what is your plan Using AQA Pseudocode)

How my solution meets the User's Requirements (Show what you have planned will do what you have been asked)
Annotated Code (Show where your code attempts to solve the problem this part of the code solves task 3...)
What the User Sees (Snips/Print Screens of the program)

Techniques used and how they work with each other
Data Structures Used (Variables (What do you think you need?  Think about Naming Conventions Processes Used )
How Have I Coded Efficiently?
How Do The Different Parts of My Program Work Together?
How Have I Made My Code Robust?

Full Code Print Out (in Consolas Font)

Test Plan
Evidence of Test Plan  (Print Screens of your program running/What the user sees)
Test Results and Changes Made
Evaluation Against Users Needs (How Well Does It Deliver What the User Wanted?
Suggested Improvements, Validation)

Extra points to add
Trace Table Testing

If at any time you find problems with what you have already done don't delete what you have written but add an improved version e.g. flowchart v2 and add a note explain this in the testing section and by the improvement.

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