Thursday, 6 February 2014

Binary Representation of Bitmap Images

All bitmap images are stored as an array of pixels.

A monochrome bitmap will store a1 for a black pixel and 0 for a white pixel (or vice-versa depending on the encoding

This image could be represented by the
following 35 binary digits (5 bytes):
00100 01010 01010 10001 11111 10001 00000

It would also be necessary to store the dimensions of the image.

If the image were in colour, using a colour palette of 256 possible shades, each pixel
would need to translate to a value between 0 and 256 (8 bits). Thus we would need 35
bytes to store the image.

It is common for colours to be recorded by quantity or Red, Green and Blue (RGB)
and this is stored using 3 bytes per pixel – so we would need 105 bytes to store the

Bitmap images can be encoded in order to reduce the file size. Examples of encoded
bitmaps in clued JPG, PNG and GIF file types.

Can display all Hex Numbers using the 7 Segment system

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