Friday, 10 January 2014

Year 11 Maze game

LO: To understand the marking criteria for Strands D and E Game Functionality and User Experience to secure marks needed to work towards target grade.

Click here for the Maze game


Review the click a fruit game so far as a Tweet 140 characters including your ping-pong ball word.

Ungraded (U) < 18
Pass (C) 19-24
Credit (B) 25-30
Merit (A) 31-36
Distinction (A*) 37+

Game Functionality (0-9)

Create a fully working game using GameMaker

  • Menu
  • Instructions
  • Back Story
  • 3-5 levels
  • Win Screen
  • Lose Screen

User Experience (0-7)

Create a game that is enjoyable to play

  • Make sure that your game:
    • suits the target audience
    • is fun to play
    • is challenging
    • would make me want to play it again


Snapchat three pictures to show what you have achieved towards the Learning Outcomes and put them into your testing log

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