Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Gamemaker Development things to be completed

Make sure you are working on the following:

Update your blog at the start of the lesson what you are doing today and at the end what you did and what you need to do next lesson?

Update your Testing log three times a lesson!  Everytime you play your game you are testing it and should therefore put it on your testing log don't forget to snip a photo.

Save your game at least three times a lesson as a different verison!

Areas you need to work on?

  • Sprites (Are they like what you said on your moodboard)
  • Rewards (Coins, Keys etc)
  • Backgrounds (Do they link to your storyboards)
  • Levels (at least 5)
  • Sounds background and effects 
  • Instructions (Press F1 in your game to see yours. Complete your user instructions. Make sure that they are comprehensive and clear. Check that the language is appropriate for your target audience.)
  • Loading Image (This is what you see whilst your game loads, should not be the Gamemaker Logo)
  • Game Icon (Your company icon or an icon for your game not the gamemaker one)
  • Full Screen play
  • Record feedback from anyone that tests your game on your testing log
  • Update your assets table.

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