Monday, 24 June 2013

Year 10 Unit 3 update required

Things to do today.....

Completed and non completed work should be uploaded onto your Google Drive and Shared with me.  All Documents should be shared with permission to edit
  1. Send me your latest version of Unit 3 Progress Tracker
  2. Design Log for Logo 
  3. Shop Front with measurements and Design Log for it (Elevation)
  4. Shop Front Drawing with Design Log for it (Shop Front Design)
  5. Evidence of Packaging Net, Design, and Build
  6. Completed Flyer and Design Log
  7. At the end of the lesson what 3 jobs do you still need to do and when will you do this?  Please leave as a comment to this Post.
  8. Finally send me your Progress Tracker updated with the work you have completed today.
I will then send you feedback and you will be starting work on Digital Adverts next lesson with Mrs Anderson

Unit 3 SPB Here


  1. I need to finish my gathering elements table, my progress tracker and my packaging net with the photo montage on it as well as my flyer design log, I need to come after school one day next week

  2. I need to complete my packaging because I just put the things on the SPB on the net. Also, I need to upload my packaging onto my flyer and then finish my design log for my flyer (with the packaging). I could do this at clinic.

  3. i need to start my gathering elements table complete my packaging design by adding my photo collage and finish the design log for my flyer. To do this i need to go to clinic after school.

  4. I need to create and complete a design log for Shop Front Elevation and Shop Front Design. I also need to edit my Packaging Build if I have time. And I need to finish my design log for my Flyer. I need to check my work against the SPB. I need to come to clinic after school.


  6. I need to complete most of my design logs because I have been focused on the more important things as we move on quickly. I think I need to come to clinic after school to complete my elements table as well.

  7. I need to add in the final details to my flyer design log and also complete my gathering elements table. I will probably have to attend clinic.

  8. I need to:
    Create a paper design for my flyer

    Finish packaging design, print off, build and take photos

    Finish elements table

  9. I need to complete my elements table and finish my design logs with more detail. To do this I will come to clinic after school.

  10. I need tp update my elements table, complete my flyer/flyer design log and organise my files of my shopfront and ensure it is all completed.

  11. I need to complete my design log for flyer, complete my packaging net and add more images to my elements table. I need to come to clinic after school.

  12. I need to finish my packaging net, design and build. I also need to complete my flyer.

  13. i need to do my elements table, all of the paper designs and finish my design logs. i need to come to clinic.

  14. I need to finish my packaging design with my collage of picture on it. I also need to finish my elements table. To finish of my design logs I am going to attend clinics
    :) :)

  15. I need to do my elements table, and the other design logs. Also, i need to do the initial stages of shop elevation because i have only got the finished shop front.


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