Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Unit 3 Mindmap and Proposal

You must come up with some design ideas for the products.
Read the full instructions for each product and make sure you understand what is required. You may find some of these websites useful for ideas.
First complete a mindmap here
  • Shop. What ideas have you got for the shop? What sort of style will it have? What name and contact details will you use? What kind of meals will be on sale?
  • Logo. What ideas have you got for your logo? How does it relate to the purpose and style of the business?
  • Shop front. What will your shop look like? What colour scheme will you use? What will appear on the fascia? What additional elements could you add to make it look realistic?
  • Packaging. What type of packaging will you design for a takeaway meal? It must close securely without using glue or other fixings. Think about the likely content of the meal.
Second from your mindmap complete this proposal.


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