Thursday, 25 October 2012

Snakes and Ladders

Download this file and change the words to Wildern and ICT department High Frequency words
snakes_and_ladders_blank.doc Download this file

ICT High Frequency Words

binary hardware network
byte icon output
cable input password
cartridge interactive preview
CD-ROM interface processor
computer Internet program
connect/connection justify scanner
cursor keyboard sensor
data/database megabyte server
delete memory software
disk modem spreadsheet
document module virus
electronic monitor
graphic multimedia

Common homophones and confusions

advise/advice choose/chose quiet/quite
a lot of cloth/clothe sites/sights
affect/effect conscience/conscious source/sauce
allowed/aloud course/coarse thank you
bought/brought our/are threw/through
braking/breaking practise/practice to/too/two


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