Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year... Some things to do in Years 10 and 11

Year 11 

Essentially you need to be ready to build your game very soon. It should be apparent that we are now talking a matter of lessons rather than months/weeks to get this project finished.


Sprites need to be 32x32, 32x64 or 64x64 depending on their type of game - all backgrounds should be 800x600.
You Should have completed the following documents in depth and linked to your websites
  • Overview
  • Moodboard
  • Storyboards
Once these are linked please try and check they are linked and working on the Web! You can work on designing some backgrounds, opening screens etc for their game need to make sure they are the sizes above.  Fireworks is the best software to make them and save into the Building it folder.

Year 10 

Ensure the following are finished and linked up
  • Proposal
  • Design Log for Logo
  • Logo draft, improved and final
  • Shop Front sketch and Fireworks version
  • Update ongoing plan to show accurate dates and time
  • Each of these should have several hundred words explaining the work on their website
  • Spell Check everything
  • Update Progress Tracker

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