Friday, 1 December 2017

Inserting Videos And Movies In Dreamweaver CS5

Learn how to insert movie and video files in Dreamweaver

Inserting movies in Dreamweaver is similar to the process of adding sound files to your webpages by using the plugin from the media option.

Step 1 : In Dreamweaver select from menu:

Insert > Media > Plugin

Step 2 : With your html document open (save it first), place your cursor in the location of wehere you wish to place your video and select'Insert > Media > Plugin.

Create new page in Dreamweaver

Step 3 : In the 'Select File' dialog box that appears browse to the location of your movie file and click o'kay. Your movies can either be Shockwave, a file named that ends in .swf or a Quicktime movie that ends in .mov

The general format of video files are .mpg and .avi.

Your page will now display a plugin icon like the one shown below.


Step 5 : In the 'Properties' panel click on the 'Parameters' button.

Embed Video 3 Screen

Step 6 : In the 'Parameters' dialog box click on the '+' sign to add a parameter.

Adding sound in Dreamweaver screen 4


The main parameter should be:

Autoplay - When you have this added it tells the browser to either to play the video immediately after the page has loaded or wait until the user requests to play it. Set the Value for Autoplay at 'FALSE' if you do not want to play the video immediately
. If you want the video to play immediately on load, type 'TRUE'.

Once you have added your parameters click 'OK'.

Be sure to upload all your video files to your remote server and preview it in a browser.

View video in Browser

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Creating Pop Art Using Adobe Photoshop CS5

1. Download one of the celebrity photos
2. Watch the video tutorial 
3. Turn your celebrity image into a piece of pop art using Photoshop

How To Restore Old Photos - Photoshop CS5

1. Watch the video
2. Download the images below
3. Use the techniques shown in the video to repair the images

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

DA201 CiDA Web Exam Help

Exam Advice

How to Guide

How to Videos


EdExcel Documentation

Click here to read the DA201 Unit Specification 

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Probability is the mathematics of chance and luck. It has multiple real-world applications from engineering to medicine and beyond. Calculate and understand probabilities in a variety of situations.

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